Notary Partnership Program

Welcome to the Notarize Notary Partnership Program. Discover endless possibilities for collaboration and business growth! Notarize excels in the art of language translation, handling an extensive array of documents like background checks, birth certificates, and deeds of sale in over 100 languages. 

We invite notaries to partner with us, delve into a world brimming with opportunities, and tap into a new avenue for revenue generation.

Why Notarize

Notarize is rooted in a cooperative business model, steered by three foundational principles: care for people, care for the environment, and fair share. Engaging with us means more than just transactional interactions; we offer a bespoke service with a human touch. Our belief in collaborative effort forms the cornerstone of sustainable business partnerships, where our company is committed to fostering productive relationships.

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Our Quality Seal

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We Provide Notarized Translations for:

How  We Work

How Will Your Documents Be Notarized?

As mentioned, at Notarize, we love flexibility and choice. For the actual notarization process itself, notaries can choose from two main options:

earn passive income with translations

Enhance Your Earnings 

Participating in the Notarize Notary Partnership Program unlocks new revenue possibilities. Notaries can choose between earning a referral fee for each translation done through Idiomatic or adding a markup to our rates. This collaborative approach not only boosts income but also widens your service range, attracting more clients and promoting shared progress.

More Than Just Translation 

Notarize extends its services to include online multilingual interpretation for notaries. If you encounter clients with limited English proficiency, our interpreters, proficient in notarial terminology and processes, are readily available.

No Commitment – Pay-as-you-go! 

Our partnership program is designed for utmost flexibility, with no monthly obligations. We operate on a straightforward pay-as-you-use basis, offering notaries the freedom to adjust their participation and financial commitment as they deem fit.

By joining the Notarize Notary Partnership Program, notaries gain access to our specialized translation expertise, broadening their service scope and tapping into a novel source of revenue. It's a symbiotic relationship where joint advancement and success are paramount, creating a win-win business relationship.